I.E.C.C.: E-mail from South Korean Networks

Do we accept e-mail from South Korean networks?

In most cases, no.

Why not?

Beginning in late 2001, we started receiving vast amounts of junk e-mail (better known as spam) from Korean networks. Some of it was in Korean, a language that nobody here understands, some was in English. Despite repeated attempts to contact system managers to alert them to the problem, we never received even a single acknowledgement to any of our abuse reports.

So, with regret, we have blocked mail from most South Korean networks.

How can I get my computer removed from your list?

Our list includes networks, not individual computers. We didn't add your computer to our list, and we won't remove your computer from our list. See the rest of this page for instructions on getting your network removed from our list. is not in korea.services.net

What if a network is well-managed, sends no spam, and wants to be removed from the blocklist?

Send us an e-mail message to ksninfo @ uf.abuse.net (which is not blocked) with your network number and we'll consider it.

What if a network cannot stop the spam it's sending and wants to be removed from the blocklist?

If the report above shows a lot of spam coming from your network, we will not remove it. Your network must stop sending spam before we will consider taking it out of our blocklist. Do not ask to have your address removed until your network stops sending spam. If it is a problem that people block your mail, contact your network and tell them to make their customers stop sending spam.

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